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Natas level 24 source

To win this level it would appear that we need to get $_REQUEST[“passwd”] to match the value of “censored”.  Maybe there is another way though.  Let’s see what the comments on have to say about the strcmp() function.

natas level 24 comments

As it turns out !strcmp(“foo”, array()) returns “1” AKA “true”,

natas level 24 test

For the win we can make $_REQUEST[“passwd”] an array, to do this just replace the “=” in the request to “[]” like so:

natas level 24 win

natas level 23 source

So we need to get $_REQUEST[“passwd”] to be greater than 10, AND strstr($_REQUEST[“passwd”],”iloveyou”) to evaluate to true.  Let’s examine the behavior of the PHP “>” operator:

natas level 23 > operator

According to “If you compare a number with a string or the comparison involves numerical strings, then each string is converted to a number and the comparison performed numerically”.  So it looks like this condition will evaluate true when $passwd is a number or starts with a number that is greater than 10, even if letters follow that number.  Great!  So we need to get strstr($_REQUEST[“passwd”],”iloveyou”) to evaluate true and we’ll be set.  The manual says strstr() “Returns the portion of string [starting at the match, to the end of the string], or FALSE if needle is not found”.  Here’s another example to chew on:

natas level 23 strstr

We should have all the information we need to win now:

natas level 23 win




This one was really easy:

natas level 21 source 1

Alls we have to do is set admin=1 for the win.  Let’s try:

natas level 21 first try

Well that didn’t work.  What’s up with this experimenter thing anyway?  I wonder what would happen if we used the PHPSESSID from that and made the same request?

natas level 21 win round 2


Oh…that’s what happens.

There is a lot of code in this one so lets focus in on the some of the more important parts:

natas level 20 win code snippet

Line 23 tells us we need to set $_SESSION[“admin”] == 1. for the win.  We don’t have direct control over the $_SESSION array, but the following code offers an entry point:

 natas level 20 entry point

The focus is on lines 59 – 63.  59 sets up a for loop that iterates once per newline (\n) present in $data.  This is made possible by the explode() function which “returns an array of strings, each of which is a substring of string formed by splitting it on boundaries formed by the string delimiter“.  On line 61 they explode() each member of the array by a space (” “), and set the limit as 2 meaning that it will only split the string by the first space.  Here’s an example to look at:

natas level 20 explode example

For this example I replaced $data with “friends love\nhappiness joy tranquility prosperity” and you can see that the first array key of $_SESSION was set to “friends” with the value “love”.  The second array key was set to “happiness” with the value “joy tranquility prosperity”.  For our hack we need to create an array key called “admin” with its value set to “1”.  We can create the key like this:

Natas level 20 admin key creation

Then all we have to do it set “admin” == 1:

natas level 20