Month: May 2018

#1 on Alibaba Bug Bounty

About a yer ago my friend/coworker and I started a monthly hacker meet up called The Dark Corner ( At the meet up I met a bug hunter named Mike ( A few months ago he helped renew my interest in bug bounties which had waned after all my submissions

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My Connect Back VPN Tunnel Setup for Penetration Testing

Have you ever wanted to be on the same network segment as a remote computer that you aren’t on the same segment as :p?? Well you can be, with the magic of connect back VPN tunneling! Without any further ado, here’s my how-to guide. Server Config 1. Install OpenVPN Access

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BSidesSF 2018 CTF – goribble.c

Last month was BSidesSF 2018. This was my first BSides and I’ll say I thought the con was really well done. The location was cool, the vendor area had plenty of free goodies, and the CTF was a lot of fun. There were quite a few people from Dark Corner

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