Natas Level 23

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So we need to get $_REQUEST[“passwd”] to be greater than 10, AND strstr($_REQUEST[“passwd”],”iloveyou”) to evaluate to true.  Let’s examine the behavior of the PHP “>” operator:

natas level 23 > operator

According to “If you compare a number with a string or the comparison involves numerical strings, then each string is converted to a number and the comparison performed numerically”.  So it looks like this condition will evaluate true when $passwd is a number or starts with a number that is greater than 10, even if letters follow that number.  Great!  So we need to get strstr($_REQUEST[“passwd”],”iloveyou”) to evaluate true and we’ll be set.  The manual says strstr() “Returns the portion of string [starting at the match, to the end of the string], or FALSE if needle is not found”.  Here’s another example to chew on:

natas level 23 strstr

We should have all the information we need to win now:

natas level 23 win