Natas Level 4

natas level 4 message

Wha wha!?   I swear I wasn’t on before I logged in to this level!  Anyway, it’s saying authorized users should be coming from “”.  I think it can tell where we are coming from by reading the referer field out of the HTTP header.

Wikipedia says:

“[The referer] is the address of the previous web page from which a link to the currently requested page was followed. (The word “referrer” has been misspelled in the RFC as well as in most implementations to the point that it has become standard usage and is considered correct terminology)”

We can use a firefox add-on called Modify Headers to change this value.  Let’s give it a shot:

natas level 4 modify headers

What this will do is forge the header field with whatever value we choose every time we make an http request with firefox.  We’ll refresh the page and see if it worked:

natas level 4 win